Andrew Gounardes

Andrew Gounardes for State Senate

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We're launching a drive to try and get 300 donors to donate $25 each before our campaign fundraising deadline this Friday, January 12th. If we do that, we'll hit a major milestone in our campaign and end our first fundraising period with an incredible showing of grassroots support.

If you believe that our schools deserve to be fully funded so we can invest in the next generation of New Yorkers, I need your help.

If you believe that we should end tax breaks for billionaires and instead help working and middle class families afford to stay in their homes by protecting them from unfair property taxes and rent hikes, I need your help.

If you believe that no one should ever be denied a doctor's care because they can't afford it and that we need to enact a single payer health care plan, I need your help.

If you believe that our transit system should be reliable and fully accessible to everyone, and that pedestrians of all ages should be able to cross the street without fear of getting mowed down by speeding cars on unsafe roads, I need your help.

If you believe that we need to clean up the cesspool of Albany corruption and make sure that we have a state government that is open, honest, and accountable to people, not special interests, and one in which everyone's vote counts, I need your help.

I need your help. Can you donate $25 right now to help us hit our goal?

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