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If there is a vote coming that you want to be sure you're eligible to participate in at the LD level, please reach out to Steve Ketelsen at or Justin Camarata at to be added to the membership rolls. We gather employment information for all online contributions regardless of amount to ensure we are complying with Public Disclosure Commission reporting requirements and relevant state and federal campaign finance law. Please reach out to Steve or Justin if you would like to donate in another way, or would like to earmark your donation for a particular activity, like voter registration! ActBlue does not have a record of all contributions you have made in a calendar year unless you made them through ActBlue. Your membership is valid from 1/1/2020 or date of payment (whichever is later) through 12/31/2020. Our bylaws include a 25-day waiting period for vote eligibility. All contributions will be deposited to our Victory Fund, and are subject to non-exempt fund campaign contributions laid out on the Public Disclosure Commission Contribution Limits Page. Some votes are limited to duly elected or appointed PCOs. Please visit for more information.

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