LaDonna for Hennepin County Commissionner

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I never thought that I would run for office. I am
an activist and I prefer to work on projects that have an immediate impact on the community.

You may know me as a food justice activist - I'm not so sure about that title but I know for sure that people not having enough to eat or not being able to feed themselves is the manifestation of an injustice rooted in capitalism and racism. I decided to grown food for my family and my community. I helped build a co-op grocery store in a historically Black community.

Others may know me as a social justice activist working for reproductive justice on the west side of Chicago making sure that Black women and girls have access to the full range of reproductive health choices. I was on the co-chair of the National Black Women's Health Project - Chicago Chapter

Others still may know me as a community organizer, making sure that women returning home from prison or being release from drug treatment have a safe home and a chance to rebuild their lives. I am the founder of Sisterhouse - a women's recovery home.

I learned that violence, gun violence, shootings can be stopped - when we use a public health approach. I assisted in the development of the Chicago Project on Violence Prevention. Later CPVP was known as CeaseFire now it is known as CureViolence.

The personal is political. Every issue that I've worked on - I have been touched personally by many issues. Whether I'm talking about my life as a mom of a baby that has food allergies or a young woman beginning the long road to recovery. If you look at my record, you will see community institutions that uplift the community.

As Hennepin County Commissioner, I would use all of my personal and professional experiences to ensure that every person, especially those that may feel, invisible or forgotten, are supported.

Whether we are talking about reducing gun violence, criminal justice reform, affordable housing, child welfare reform, substance abuse treatment - we are talking about eliminating the barriers that keep the people in Hennepin County in poverty.

Over the next days, weeks and months I will share more about my platform - Equity for All - Hennepin County District 3.

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