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Joe Biden is running for president. Please donate to help Vice President Biden and the Democrats defeat Trump and the GOP in 2020.

Biden is a solid progressive who often comes out for cutting-edge liberal proposals before their time. Biden is pro-choice and drafted the Violence Against Women Act. He's great on climate, opposes drilling in ANWR, and introduced Congress' first-ever climate bill all the way back in 1986. Biden is anti-gun, pro-union/worker, and supported a $15 minimum wage in 2015 (before it was cool). In that same year, Biden also came out in support of free college (again, before it was cool), and has a 91% voting record from the National Education Association.

In characteristic fashion, Joe Biden famously came out in favor of same-sex marriage while Vice President -- even before his boss, President Obama. Biden's move put pressure on Obama to finally come out in favor of gay marriage, which was a huge victory for LGBT people.

There's a reason Joe Biden polls so well among his fellow Democrats, and against Donald Trump -- he's that good, with a lifetime of experience to bring to the job.

Can you chip in to Joe Biden and AMERICAblog Action's work to elect a Democratic president and Congress in 2020?

Your donation today will be split between Joe Biden and AMERICAblog Action. You can change the relative amounts donated to each below.

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