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Split a donation between Americablog and Jaime Harrison for Senate. Let's Beat Lindsey Graham in 2020, Donate Now.

Jaime Harrison is taking on Trump sycophant Lindsey Graham in next year's election. Please donate to help Jaime Harrison beat Lindsey Graham, and help Democrats take back the US Senate in 2020.

Jaime Harrison's Background

Jaime Harrison is the son of a single mom who ended up getting a scholarship to Yale and a law degree from Georgetown. Among other jobs, he taught ninth-grade social studies at his old high school, and worked on Capitol Hill for Democratic Rep. James Clyburn before returning home to South Carolina.

Jaime Harrison is the former chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party (and the first African-American to hold that post), and now wants to unseat Donald Trump's bigger defender in the Senate, Lindsey Graham.

Jaime Harrison is Taking Lindsey Graham on over Trump

Harrison is going after Graham hard on the sitting senator's flip-flop on Donald Trump. Graham was a huge critic of Trump in 2016, and now is Trump's bff: "What we are seeing with Lindsey Graham right now, it makes you question his character. I used to think this was a guy who was a statesman, a guy who could stand above the fray and help solve the issues...but he's a chameleon that's changed his colors."

Jaime Harrison Has the Momentum

Harrison announced his campaign at the end of May, but already has been gaining momentum, and raised $270,000 in the first 24 hours since he announced. But he's going to need a lot more to challenge the millions that Lindsey Graham already has on hand.

Can you chip in to Jaime Harrison and AMERICAblog Action's work to help him beat Lindsey Graham in 2020? 

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