Restrict & Regulate in NY State 2019

Stacey Abrams supports an end to prohibition so let's support her!

After reports of massive voter suppression by her opponent, Stacey Abrams is promising to fight until every last vote is counted — and every last means of counting those votes is exhausted.

Stacey Abrams’ opponent oversaw his own election as Secretary of State, and abused his official position to purge the voter rolls and engage in multiple blatant acts of voter suppression leading up to and through Election Day itself. In Florida, 1.4 million adults — about 10% of the adult population of the state — were denied the right to vote Tuesday because of a previous felony conviction, including 21% of the state’s entire Black population. (This will now change after the passage of Florida’s Amendment 4 this week.)

As of yesterday (11/8), Stacey Abrams is just 23,275 votes shy of an automatic recount and 25,622 votes short of a margin that would trigger a December 4th runoff. Unknown thousands of ballots still remain to be counted — thousands of voices in Georgia who have not yet been heard. Stacey is not conceding, and her campaign believes they still have a path to a runoff and victory.

Recounts and runoffs cost money. Your donation on these pages will go immediately and directly to efforts already underway on the ground to count every vote in both states.

Please chip in to help Stacey. Thanks.

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