Addison Dawn Perry Franks

Addison Dawn Perry-Franks 4 Texas

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  • Addison Perry-Franks will fight for everyone's rights, she feels that healthcare in Texas and in district 83 needs to be available to anyone, no matter what income level they are at, Addison believes that all citizens need access to insurance or access to any doctor that the people need to see every day.
  • Addison feels the poverty rate in the district, and in Texas needs to be addressed.
  • Addison feels the education funding needs to be addressed, not only for 2019-2020 but many years to come. A Long term plan needs to be implemented.

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Immediately needed funds are going to the cost of website/emails, voter files, and expense for planned campaign events, and travel within the district to meet you, the voters!

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Addison needs campaign funds for Promotional materials, ads, and expenses incurred operating door to door in 7 counties. Addison is Fiscally Responsible and will not overspend, she is only spending funds on necessary expenses to promote her candidacy.

We are efficiently operating door to door for the extensive campaign. And there’s only one possible way we’re raising money to adequately fund our successful campaign: With grassroots donors.No fancy private fundraisers. No money from federal lobbyists, corporate PACs.

  • By getting big money out of modern politics, we can efficiently make Texas work for everyone.

Addison is coordinating a tight campaign. It is going to be a long hard fight to Win the Election, but Addison Perry-Franks Will fight it, and will WIN!

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