Affordable Larimer Matters

Have you noticed that our elected officials seem to have a plan to fix everything, but when asked about Affordable Housing we only get some generic lip service about how the housing market will somehow meet the demands of our community.

First off, what does that even mean? The housing market doesn't know how much medication costs. The housing market doesn't consider the increasing cost of living. The housing market looks at only two things. Does it make sense to keep building and can we fill our new housing products at a profit.

I know it doesn't consider the 1 in 3 Colorado children living in households that pay so much for housing that they can't afford other needs. It doesn't mind much that 1 in 4 Coloradans pay more than 50% of their income on keeping a place to call home. The market doesn't care about the number of homeless in our community. That is the simple truth.

We need our local elected officals to give a damn about the rent increases. We need to take action because those down payments for a new home take longer to save for when salaries don't increase like home prices. Affordable Housing impacts both the working class and the middle class. We can push them to act if you join us at Affordable Larimer.

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