Andrew Gounardes

Andrew Gounardes for State Senate

Southern Brooklyn is starved for reliable public transit.  Our subway and bus service is at an all time low, subway stations are inaccessible and literally falling apart -- yet fares continue to rise. If the MTA was a private business, it would have been run out of town years ago! New Yorkers need and deserve better.


My plan to restore our broken public transportation system includes:

  • Holding the MTA accountable to riders, by giving riders in every borough a direct vote on the MTA Board so that the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on mass transit will go to service improvements and not wasteful spending. We shouldn’t be spending tens of millions of dollars putting fancy lights on the Kosciuszko Bridge while our stations are crumbling and our signal system is more than 100 years old. 
  • Creating a lockbox for transit funds to ensure money is spent on improving speed, quality, and reliability of trains and buses, and rehabilitating our subway stations including structural and architectural components.
  • Fighting for accessible stations so all New Yorkers, including the thousands who use wheelchairs or have other mobility impairments, can ride the subways without unnecessary obstacles. Roughly eighty percent of our stations are inaccessible and many are unsafe because they lack elevators and are plagued by crumbling walls. This is unacceptable.

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