ANTHONY M. CARBONARO Democrat For Congress MI-12


Anthony M. Carbonaro is running for congress to help bring about a more authentic reality to politics.

Carbonaro2020 is a campaign that brings together Michiganders to champions the needs of working class families in the Downriver and Ann Arbor area. Anthony wants to reconstruct a more human, more progressive perspective in congress.

"We have found to be burdened with an inauthentic reality"

In order to put everyday Michiganders first, we must confront the current powers that be. We are faced with an exclusive political machine driven by political theater, outside influence, and personal gains. This has caused us to question the authenticity of history and to detach from the urgencies of today.


Downriver & Ann Arbor Areas Deserve A Working Class Leader.

Anthony Michael Carbonaro is a small business owner, community volunteer, and working-class Michigander who has championed the needs of all-classes of families on the streets and through political action.

Early Life

Anthony was born in Romania as a Gypsy Orphan. At 11 months old he was adopted into a Polish-German & Italian household and raised in Michigan. His father own an industrial valve business and mother worked in the local school system.

From an early age, Anthony has questioned the social impact of politics on society. After

The Terrorist Attacks on September 11th, 2001 Anthony decided on a life of servitude. Anthony ended up attending Allen Park Schools receiving honors in music production, excelled in sports, volunteer programs, and student government as a treasurer. Anthony received a congressional nomination to the United States Naval Academy due to his leadership characteristics. Instead of becoming an officer for the Navy, Anthony became a victim of the judicial system. Thrown into jail for unexplained accusations related to wondering into fraternity homes. Anthony spent one year in jail, where he essentially became a "jailhouse lawyer".

“I learned more about inequality and injustice behind bars than any other place..."

Since jail, Anthony has attended Henry Ford College, Wayne County Community College, Eastern Michigan University, University of Michigan Dearborn, and is currently enrolling at Harvard University Extension School Online, studying economics.


While during studies, Anthony worked for many restaurants as a server and barback. He also helps generate revenue for many small businesses through social media services. Working for businesses as well as owning a business really exposed the reality behind capitalism and its inequality towards workers.

Anthony worked for outreach centers as well as other non profit organizational programs, helping secure food and shelter for the unfortunate. These situations have left Anthony with real world experiences with families struggling to maintain decent housing and food, healthcare, immigration, and social equality.

"Let me remind you... It is us, and only us who sail into the uncertain future."

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