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With the upcoming election on the horizon and no intention by this administration to do anything to prevent election interference from hostile foreign governments while enjoying generous funding from corporate fueled Super PACs , it is imperative that the messaging providing his opposition receives adequate funding. Americans Against Trump is a grassroots political action committee emphasizing action while endorsing no political party funded solely through the generous contributions of our individual donors who make all of this possible. We refuse to put party over country and work transparently and tirelessly to campaign against the election of Donald Trump in the 2020 election. We are a Super PAC registered with the federal election commission and do not provide contributions to any candidate, instead our mission is to educate the electorate and motivate turnout in the general election.

We are crowd sourced campaign working tirelessly to reach targeted demographics in swing states where the margin of victory was under 2% in 2016, these were incredibly close races and are sure to decide 2020. Utilizing a multi-tiered strategy to provide clear, relevant anti-trump messaging warning of the consequences of being exposed to another term of this administration we will saturate these key states through radio, television and newspaper advertisements, email blasts, mailers, direct call & text campaigns, as well as blanketing all relevant social media. 

Why should you donate to Americans Against Trump? 

Does the thought of 4 more years of Donald Trump terrify you?  

What about 6 more years? 

What if he appointed himself president for life?

Do you fear the rising tide of authoritarianism and disregard for the rule of law emanating from the White House?

Do you trust that this administration would have the competence to handle any true threat or disaster?

Do you trust Trump with the nuclear codes?

Are you horrified at the environmental damage being perpetuated by this administrations attack on science by removing environmental regulations and withdrawing from the Paris Accord?

School shootings/mass shooting and racially motivated violence are at epidemic levels, does it infuriate you this president refuses to even address the problems?

Are you shaken this president has stacked the judicial body allowing states to regulate women’s bodies and impeding their right to choose?

Have you read the Mueller Report?

It terrifies me that less than 3% of the population can say the same. Over 1000 former federal prosecutors from both parties have signed a letter asserting that Trump’s actions to impede the investigation into Russian election meddling, as described in the Mueller report, amount to “overwhelming” evidence of obstruction of justice, according to them it is only the presidency itself that prevents Trump from facing felony charges. At this very moment the president faces upward of 29 separate investigations and refuses to cooperate with any of them, has ordered staff to openly defy congressional oversight and Democratic leadership has shown weakness that will be hard but necessary to overcome.

We are a group of talented individuals who have worked in the marketing industry for decades and know the hard work ahead of us. We are all taking significant salary cuts to jump into this full time, and are truly motivated by the fear of being afflicted with another term of this administration and what it will do to our country.

Please help us to defeat Trump in 2020, our very future depends on it. We believe through hard work, determination and with your help we will celebrate the victory of the 46th President of the United States and restore the dignity of these United States of America.

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