Amy Fortunato

Amy Fortunato for Smithtown Town Council

In Smithtown, our government enjoys a lack of accountability and has no effective check on its' power. Important decisions impacting our lives and liberties are being made by the government without community input and debate. It is critical that we have an independent advocate serving on the Town Council to ensure the community is getting a fair deal.

This is why we need your help to elect Amy Fortunato.

Amy is a pastor, a mother, and an active member of the community. She is the exact voice we need to hold our politicians to a higher standard, and to ensure they are responsive to the needs of the community.

With your donation, we can spread our positive message of transparency, stewardship, and community. Your support will allow us to mount a successful campaign. A campaign that embraces your voice and ensures that we will have the resources to speak truth to power this November.

Let's do this!

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