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Tallahassee matters now more than ever.


Florida is so gerrymandered that more than 60% of the seats are held by Republicans despite every statewide election being decided by 1% or less. We already hold the majority in Washington, but FL-59 is one of the closest seats held by a Democrat in the Florida Legislature and now that it's open, it's our most vulnerable and critical seat to hold. 


The thing is, I didn't get into this race to fight for an arbitrary district line or a fancy desk in DC. I’m running for the same reasons I stood up to defend our country overseas — to get things done, to make life better for all my neighbors here at home, to protect our American values of love, equality, justice & freedom. To defend against hate, fear, xenophobia, and racism that seek only to further destroy and divide us. 


No path to the Florida majority exists without us keeping this seat. Which is why I'm going to defend it. Which is why I'm running for Florida House of Representatives District 59.

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