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I am running for Tennessee's District 15 State Senate Seat. I used to be a voter but now I am an activist. I have come to realize, if we want to make real change, we have to be willing to put ourselves out there. So, I am very new to the political arena.

I am a wife, a mother of two adult children, grandmother to three granddaughters and a small business owner. I know what it means to work. My husband and I understand the trials of small business owners. I also understand what it is like to make minimum wage and not be able to afford to feed your family. We have got to raise minimum wage and bring jobs into our area that provide good benefits and a decent standard of living to the people in our state.

I support our public schools and our great teachers. We have to build our schools up and not take away their funding and put it into voucher programs. The voucher program will bleed our school systems dry.

It is time that we expand Medicaid in our state. People should not have to choose between eating or getting the medical attention they need. We need to make sure everyone can afford healthcare. I also will vote to legalize Medical Marijuana. Not only does marijuana help with pain and other medical issues, it also reduces the addiction to harmful drugs.

I want to work for you with compassion, courage, and common sense.  Please donate to my campaign, so I can go to work for you.

Thank You, 


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