Thank you.

David Stringer has resigned from the Arizona House of Representatives, and Arizona Deserves Better thanks all who donated, volunteered, or other supported our effort to end his career in the Legislature.

In the days since his resignation, documents have been publicized that indicate Stringer was also arrested in 1983 for soliciting underage boys. Even so, after a motion to expel him from a Democratic legislator was tabled by Republicans in February, other Republicans in the House refused for two months to remove this man from their midst.

Over the past eight weeks, Arizona Deserves Better reached over 15,000 Arizonans, targeting in particular Republicans and Independents whose values will not allow them to support such a politician. Republicans of the Board of Supervisors of Yavapai County will appoint a replacement for Stringer. Our PAC is watching closely to ensure this replacement is a more mainstream politician. Because Arizona deserves better than another white supremacist, we are prepared to continue working with our partner organizations, such as the NAACP, to shine a spotlight on this appointment and if necessary to organize opposition for the remainder of the current term and into the 2020 election cycle.

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