Rachel Zenzinger

Help Us Get Back to the Future!

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Laura Woods is leading the charge to bring us back to October 21, 1985. She is working to impose her extreme views on all Coloradans by:

·     Co-sponsoring a fringe anti-vaccine bill that put kids at risk of contagious illnesses (SB15-077)

·     Opposed funding for a nationally recognized program that reduced teen pregnancy over objections to common forms of birth control. (SB15-234, Amendment J.066).

·     Sponsored legislation making it easier for employers to discriminate against workers over disability, sexual orientation, race, and gender (SB15-069).

·     Voted to disband the Pay Equity Commission charged with helping women earn the same as men in the workplace for doing the same job. [Pay Equity Commission Sunset Review, 1/21/15].

·     Sponsored legislation to allow the same type of discrimination against LGBT people that triggered a nation-wide boycott of Indiana. (HB15-1171).

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