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Whole Washington is creating a ballot initiative that will let you take control of your healthcare costs from the insurance industry. Here are four great reasons to support Single-Payer:

#1 Single-Payer is more efficient and saves everyone money.

By reducing billing and insurance-related expenses, single-payer is much more efficient. These administrative savings alone would reduce US health care spending by as much as $400 billion a year.

#2 Single-Payer is fairer. Why?

A single agency takes on the pricing of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and other needs, with large savings for the public. Instead of financing healthcare regressively through insurance premiums, single-payer finances it progressively through taxes linked to the inability to pay. Single-payer eliminates the special tax on the sick and elderly, who currently pay more in premiums, co-pays, and deductibles.

#3 Single-Payer bends the cost curve.

In 1971, the year Canada adopted single-payer, the US and Canada spent about the same share of income on healthcare. The US now spends 6% more of our GDP, or almost a trillion dollars more.

#4 Single-Payer leads to better health and longer life expectancy.

Life expectancy in the United States is lower than in other countries with our level of affluence, and about 6 years lower than you would expect from our spending level. And the gap between the US and Canada - and between the US and other countries - has been growing since the 1970s.

With these facts on our side, we’re working toward a people-powered, Single-Payer state ballot initiative! Plant the seeds in Washington and watch them grow across the US! Please join us by donating today!

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