Art Collectors Only

This is an exclusive private invitation to art collectors & philanthropists joining together in support of Be Remarkable Projects.

The National Center for Homeless Education reported that 1.3 million students experienced homelessness during the 2014-15 school year, with a 3.5 percent increase in each of the three previous years.

Unfortunately, a new study just released by the Institute for Children, Poverty & Homelessness points out that federal funding has remained flat over this time and States vary widely in their commitment to identifying and serving homeless students. 

Although we are open to discussing corporate sponsorship's with select organizations, we are not seeking grants nor investments.

Your one-time tax deductible donation will help us reach to employ resources to launch and manage Be Remarkable Projects. As well as expand our capabilities to support school projects and other nonprofit programs.

Like you, I am concerned by federal cuts to education funding and how it will impact children. Creating change in the world is a personal goal of mine that I actively pursue.

Can we count on you?


Ashley Post, Manager of Donor Support 

Will you keep your promise?

Be Sensitive Art Gifting Project.
A private philanthropic initiative for art collectors to help raise funds for Be Remarkable Projects.  
Gifted painting by the Be Sensitive Studio are selected and owned by Be Sensitive Foundation.


We help ensure children, particularly under-served gifted and under-recognized talented students, receive the resources needed to become socially minded contributors of their talent for the good of the global community.

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