Billboards v. Trump and Republican Enablers

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We are bringing hard-hitting billboards to the highways of America. "Impeachment Now" to I95 in Richmond? Check. "Nobody Likes Ted Cruz" to Dallas, TX? Check. "You can't fix stupid" in Rep Gohmert's home district? Yes.


In a few short months, we put up over 50 billboards nationwide. Trump takes detours to avoid our boards. The NRA posts videos to attack us -- just like we like it. We are working every single day to find companies who will accept strong messaging. Follow Claude (@truefactsstated on twitter) for details and the opportunity to have input on upcoming boards.

Now you can get Impeachment Now swag as well. Click MaddogPAC for the Webstore. All swag is Union made in a Union Shop. Because Union is great.

MAD DOG PAC will take on any politician or group that supports the Trump agenda  Our M.O. is to find the biggest and most visible bill board and put the hardest hitting message we can think of on it.  

Contributions are made to MAD DOG PAC, a federally-registered Political Action Committee. The Federal Election Commission requires that we request certain information from individuals who donate more than $200 to the PAC within a calendar year. Maximum annual donation (including swag purchases) is $5000. Treasurer, Dirk Schwenk

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