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Help fund The Resistance to keep the Blue Wave going!

What an Election Day - the Democrats won back the House for the first time in 8 years!

This is your victory because it was your calls, your emails, your door knocks and your donations that did it.

Nov. 6th we put in place an important check on Trump's disastrous policy agenda and rampant corruption - and we sent a message about the disgusting racism and misogyny he and his party have peddled the past two years. 

Please donate here and let's elect even more Democrats while holding Trump and the GOP accountable for their lies and voter suppression.

Because of your dollars, we have driven more than half a billion Facebook impressions this year - and on Twitter we have driven more than 80 million interactions in 2018.

Why do we need money? Here’s 3 reasons:

Digital Media and Rapid Response: We have one of the largest social media presences of any group on the left and have very smartly leveraged digital advertising to take that online reach even further. We have trended more hashtags than any group over the past two years—on the left or the right. We need your help to continue to fight fake news and foreign influence online. 

Investigative Research: We have uncovered thousands of pieces of evidence against Trump - and more than 100 people linked to Trump - in the Russia scandal and related to his other foreign ties. We need to review that information and start new investigations. We have also launched investigations into members of Trump's family and his cabinet that we intend to continue in 2019.

Campaigns and Elections: We helped deliver wins for Doug Jones in Alabama, helped Conor Lamb get across the finish line in Pennsylvania, took back the House in November, and we are already going to work on what will hopefully be a new election in NC09.

Fighting Trump isn’t free. We really need your help to be able to sustain our massive efforts. We need to raise $25,000 by the end of the year.

You can learn more about our work here:

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