Help the Democratic Blue Wave! #BlueWave2019

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UPDATE: At this point, all races are resolved except NC-9, where there is substantial evidence of Republican election fraud. Please donate to support Democrat Dan McCready in the NC-9 race.


With the recent installation of partisan operative Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court against the will of the American people, the Republicans have done lasting damage to the credibility and stature of the highest court for decades to come. I'm angry, and I know I'm not the only one.

It's time to fight back! This election will be the most important mid-term election of our lifetimes.

Will you join me in helping the Democratic Blue Wave this November? You can help by donating to this fundraiser.

Your donations will be allocated equally between all candidates, unless you specify otherwise. (To see the list of candidates, click the link on the right, above the dollar amount choices.) All donations will go directly to the candidates' campaigns, and you can also choose to add a tip for ActBlue.

Please help the Democrats take back Congress this November. Support the Blue Wave!

Nathan Baker, Portland, OR

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