Help make KY, LA & MS a little more blue this November!

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Kentucky, Louisiana and Mississippi may be red states, but that doesn't mean Democrats should give up on them!

In 2019, we have an opportunity to retake the Governor's offices in Kentucky & Mississippi and make real gains in the state legislatures of Mississippi & Louisiana!

This page lets you donate directly to up to 18 Democratic candidates across all three states: Governor for all three, Attorney General in KY & MS, Secretary of State in LA, 9 state House seats in LA & MS and 3 state Senate seats in MS!

Most of these candidates are being featured by Sister District, Run for Something or the DLCC.


  • Governor: Andy Beshear
  • Atty. General: Greg Stumbo


  • Governor: John Bel Edwards
  • Sec. of State: Gwen Collins-Greenup
  • HD-008: Brendan Csaposs
  • HD-094: Tammy Savoie
  • HD-095: Robin Parrott


  • Governor: Jim Hood
  • Atty. General: Jennifer Collins
  • SD-05: Steve Eaton
  • SD-08: Kegan Coleman
  • SD-09: Kevin Frye
  • HD-012: Tiffany Kilpatrick
  • HD-056: Vicki Slater
  • HD-064: Shanda Yates
  • HD-096: Aisha Sanders
  • HD-102: Brandon Rue
  • HD-117: Inez Kelleher

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