Turn Michigan Blue 2020!

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In 2018, Michigan Democrats closed the gap in both the state House and Senate by picking up several seats in each. In 2020, we need to finish the job by flipping at least 4 more seats in the state House while keeping the seats we gained last cycle!

On this page you can donate to as many as 17 House candidates at once, including both vulnerable incumbents and challengers to GOP-held seats.

Donate Today to:

  • HD-019: Laurie Pohutsky
  • HD-020: Matt Koleszar
  • HD-025: Nate Shannon
  • HD-037: Samantha Steckloff
  • HD-038: Kelly Breen
  • HD-039: Julia Pulver
  • HD-040: Mari Manoogian
  • HD-041: Padma Kuppa
  • HD-043: Nicole Breadon
  • HD-045: Brendan Johnson
  • HD-046: Jody LaMacchia
  • HD-048: Sheryl Kennedy
  • HD-061: Alberta Griffin
  • HD-062: Jim Haadsma
  • HD-067: Kara Hope
  • HD-071: Angela Witwer
  • HD-098: Sarah Schulz

Coming Soon:

  • HD-024
  • HD-072
  • HD-093
  • HD-094
  • HD-099
  • HD-104
  • HD-110

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