Bonnie Wright for NH State House

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Salem — Rockingham 08 — is considered to be a challenging district. But I've always enjoyed a good challenge, and my candidacy is no exception.

Salem is a large district. Most cities and towns of our size are divided into wards, but here in Salem we need to cover the entire town. In 2016, we had 19,436 registered voters, of whom 25.93% are Democrats, 31.91% are Republicans, and a whopping 42.16% are Undeclared. We have 7,231 phones, 9,433 doors and 10,471 mailboxes, with 210.5 miles of road and 25 miles of sidewalks to cover.

These numbers mean that I will need more palm cards than is needed in most districts. I will need more signs. I will have larger mailings, and, because of the local political climate, I should do more frequent mailings than that which might be done in other communities. This all means that I will need to raise more funds than most of the candidates running for the NH House.

With nine seats, currently being held by nine Republicans, (less one Rep who died in office, and one who resigned mid-term), a large portion of the registered voters in town do not have fair representation. I am excited to have the opportunity to give the voters of Salem the opportunity to have more equal representation in the State House.

To do this, I’m relying on contributions from people like you to fund my campaign, whether or not you live in Salem. With your financial support and votes from Salem residents, I will be a strong voice for all of the citizens of Salem, and, with my committee work, I will be a strong voice for all of New Hampshire.

My goal is to raise $7,000, which is considerably less than what those on the state level have suggested as my minimum for this district. The sooner I can meet my financial goal, the sooner I can put all of my efforts into obtaining enough votes and prove that Bonnie is (W)right for Salem.

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Bonnie Wright
Twitter: @Bonnie4Salem 

Bonnie Wright for NH State House
34 Liberty Street, Salem NH 03079
Laurence Disenhof, Fiscal Agent

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