Brandon Bowser

Commit to Allston-Brighton

Allston-Brighton can’t wait any longer. Rents are rising while wages stay the same. We want to make sure all who wish to call it home can continue to live here. Bowser will work with renters, homeowners, service workers, tradespeople, lifelong residents, artists, students of all ages, and anyone who wants to be part of this community.

Together, we will build a community where neighbors develop neighborhoods.

The conversation of urban transit development should center on the user. For a century, we have built around the automobile. Our streets should serve all modes of transportation. We will fight for transportation infrastructure that reflects the diverse needs and lifestyles of our residents. We must also take steps to end our dependence on fossil fuels by promoting alternative and public transportation, including electrifying our commuter rail.

We will stand by our students, teachers, and Boston Public Schools to ensure that they are properly equipped to provide each and every student with a quality education. Bowser is the only teacher in the race, who has worked at both the Jackson-Mann K8 and Edison K8. We must bring our facilities into the 21st century. Our students deserve social-emotional support staff. We as a community must do all we can to make sure every child at every school gets an equal and effective education.

We can’t do this without your help. Let's work together. If you believe in a bright future for Allston-Brighton, please join us.

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