Elect Democrat Phil Bredesen the next US Senator from Tennessee, and defeat Marsha Blackburn.

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Democrat Phil Bredesen is running against conservative Republican Marsha Blackburn for the open US Senate seat in Tennessee left open by Bob Corker's retirement.

The race is tight. While the latest poll has Bredesen ahead by 1 point, he's been behind significantly behind in every poll before this. That means he's still int he race, but the race is TIGHT.

Bredesen is pro-DACA, Blackburn is anti.

Bredesen is pro- Net Neutrality, Blackburn is not.

Bredesen is opposed to Trump's border wall, Blackburn supports it.

Bredesen supports the ACA, Blackburn does not.

Bredesen supports raising the federal minimum wage, Blackburn does not.

Bredesen does not think people should be able to use their religion to justify turning gay people away from their business. Blackburn thinks it's a-okay to discriminate against gay people.

And Bredesen is pro-choice, while Blackburn is pro-life.

The choice is easy on this one. Let's deny Mitch McConnell another pro-Trump vote in the Senate.

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