Brews, BBQ & Blue Wave

It's here again: our Annual BBQ with a twist! 

This year's BBQ is chaired by Red Clay Democrats and Young Democrats of America!

Featuring DNC Vice Chair, Michael Blake; Sen. Elena Parent and Jon Ossoff.

Monday Night Garage

933 Lee St SW, Atlanta, GA 30310

October 11, 2018

6:15 pm-9:00 pm

Enjoy Monday Night Brewery flavors and slow-cooked smoked pork, chicken & southern fixins' courtesy of Fox Brothers!


Silver - Ronnie & Dawn Mabra, Mayor Shirley Franklin, Dylan Nurse, Robbins Ross Alloy Belinfante Littlefield LLC

Bronze - Michael Owens, Williams Teusink LLC, Paramount Consulting LLC, Ben Heppner, Jason Carter, Stacey Evans, Rep. David Dreyer

Louis Elrod, President YDA; Adrienne White, Chair RCD; Justin Hoslemback, Zach Nikonovich-Kahn, Courtney O'Donnell

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