Adam Broad

Broad For Congress - Improved #MedicareForAll

My name is Adam Broad, I am a community organizer and Vernon Township Trustee running for Congress in the Illinois Tenth District. For the past four years I have been volunteering with Our Revolution to save lives and prevent bankruptcies by advocating for Improved Medicare For All. This campaign is an extension of that effort to get rid of a complex web of insurance networks that make themselves richer when they limit or deny healthcare for the people paying into it.

Medicare For All replaces a system that bankrupts and kills Americans.

Improved #MedicareForAll means no more broken bandaid solutions, no more double-talk or excuses from a political establishment that puts corporate profits ahead of public health.

Improved #MedicareForAll - a single payer system - eliminates the greed of insurance corporations and puts healthcare dollars into healthcare, not CEO and shareholder wealth.

Improved #MedicareForAll eliminates 90 million dollar CEO bonuses and deadly price gouging by Big Pharma.

When I say health care is a human right, I mean health care for all, free at the point of service, using the money we already pay into the system. That makes our government work for all of us as a single payer putting healthcare dollars into healthcare.

We don't need a corporate middle-man between our healthcare dollars and our healthcare. Thanks to the hard work of progressive activists, the majority of Democrats in the House of Representatives now co-sponsor Medicare For All.

Unfortunately, the political establishment is bending over backwards to keep private insurance in the game. It’s a scam that fails to control cost and fails to pool our resources so that everybody is in and nobody is out for quality care.

We shouldn't have to work on our own dime to get the Democratic party to stand up for human rights, but in IL-10, we do. When it comes to Improved #MedicareForAll, Brad Schneider isn't leading, he's obstructing.

When it comes to using healthcare dollars for CEO and shareholder wealth, Trump and the corporate establishment politicians of both parties are all on the same side.

A rigged economy and bi-partisan corruption is working against us. One remedy is a united broad coalition for Single-Payer Universal Healthcare, Improved MedicareForAll

Join us.

DONATE NOW and Vote for Adam Broad in the Democratic primary on March 17.

Make our taxes work for US!


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