Thanks for your support! Bryan Witt is fighting for the 99% in CA-27

Over the past 40 years, politicians from both political parties have thrown the working-class and small business owners overboard. They have handed our country over to Wall Street, the Military-Industrial Complex, the Fossil Fuel Industry and Silicon Valley.

The results have been catastrophic.

Uncontrolled Capitalism has produced a shrinking middle-class, massive levels of inequality, endless wars and catastrophic climate change that threatens our very survival.

Our elected representatives have shown, by their actions, that they are incapable of uniting our country and confronting the most important issues of our day.

Because of this crisis in leadership, I'm running for Congress in California's 27th Congressional District as a Democrat. As your representative, I will fight for a bold, progressive agenda that will include:

  • Single-payer health care
  • A massive, New Deal style program for upgrading our nation's crumbling infrastructure.
  • A ten year plan to replace all fossil fuel and nuclear energy with clean, sustainable alternatives.
  • Public financing of elections
  • Free college tuition
  • Restoring a sound monetary policy that serves the needs of the people first.
  • Creating a permanent source of federal funding for Amtrak and other public transit projects.
  • Restoring Glass-Steagall and other common sense regulations on Wall Street.
  • Protecting Net Neutrality
  • Protecting & expanding Social Security
  • Eliminating income tax for anyone earning less than $250,000 per year

Progressives seek effective governmental action, not big government. Effective governmental action is what developed the Tennessee Valley, it's what built the Grand Coulee Dam, gave us our interstate highway system and it's what put a man on the moon.

Together, we can do anything we put our collective minds to.

So please donate today and join me in bringing real leadership to California's 27th District


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