Baltimore Women United For Action

Help support women candidates in the 2018 election!  Your contribution will be used to support women candidates that Women United in Action has vetted and endorsed. This process starts in the spring of 2018.  We will be endorsing in Maryland General Assembly races (Delegate and Senator) in Baltimore City and parts of Baltimore County. Women candidates have a harder time fundraising, it takes more work, more convincing people that they are worthy, and there is a lot of competition.  Helping women candidates helps our agenda of ensuring access to health care and education, criminal justice reform, equal pay, affordable housing and more. Did you know: 

    1. Quick facts about women’s participation in elected politics. Although women make up 52% of the population in Maryland, women account for:

      1. 24% of primary election candidates

      2. 28% of general election candidates

      3. 30% of the seats in the General Assembly

      4. 30% of the House of Delegates

      5. 28% of the State Senate

    1. Of the 16 powerful positions in the Maryland General Assembly, just 5 are held by women. There has never been a female Speaker of the House or President of the Senate. Only 1 woman of color holds a leadership position.  

    2. 56% of women state representatives and 9% of men state representatives said they believe it is more difficult for female candidates to raise money.

      1. 41% believe the single most important reason it is harder is because women lack the networks that men have

      2. In 2014, no female legislative candidates raised more than $300,000, whereas 13 male candidates raised over that amount, including House Speaker Thomas V. “Mike” Miller, who raised more than $1.3 million.

Among political donors: women make up just 30% of donors and our donations make up just  27% of the total contributions. Compared to 52% of the electorate!

Make your contribution today to change Maryland's political landscape, let's elect more progressive, and effective, women to political office. 

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