Yadira Caraveo

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Dr. Yadira Caraveo is your State Representative for HD-31 (Thornton, CO). She is a pediatrician, labor advocate, environmental activist, and local public servant who grew up Adams County and wants to represent her community in the State House. After running some of the most important pieces of legislation to ensure healthcare as a right, to protect our environment, and support working families, she has become one of the most bold leaders in Denver. This is why groups like MoveOn have endorsed past campaigns, as she will challenge special interests in Denver and fight for a progressive Colorado.

If you feel inspired, please donate to her campaign! Your contribution will help her team canvass the whole district in 2020, hire staff to run the campaign, and produce the necessary literature to distribute to voters. Thank you for the support!

Donations from lobbyists or principals of lobbyists during the legislative session, which runs January 8 – May 13, 2020, are prohibited.

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