Elect Democrat Kristen Carlson to Florida's 15th congressional district

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Democrat Kristen Carlson is running for Congress from Florida's 15th congressional district.

Carlson is tied in the polls with her Republican opponent, Ross Spano.

Carlson is pro-choice, pro-environment and accepts climate change as real, she supports the ACA and opposes repeal, she is pro-immigration, is a critic of Trump's tax cuts for the rich, and she supports universal background checks, banning bump-stocks, and banning high-capacity magazines and assault weapons.

Ross Spano is endorsed by the NRA (with a 100% rating) and a slew of religious right groups, including the Family Research Council. He's pro-life and has a zero rating from Planned Parenthood, is pro-gun, wants to repeal the ACA and build Trump's "wall." So he's basically awful, and another carte blanche vote for Donald Trump.

Let's make sure he doesn't get into Congress.

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