Democratic Party of Collin County (TX)


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One of the biggest lessons from the November 7 2017 elections is that increased voter turnout means big wins for Democrats. To bring that success to Collin County, we need to do everything we can to Get Out the Vote!

In 2016 the Texas Democratic Party saw a huge increase in Democratic seniors voting by mail across Texas due to its Vote-By-Mail Initiative.  We want to bring this initiative to Collin County for the 2018 Democratic Primary and November General Elections, which has the potential to reach nearly 17,000 voters!

After January 1, 2018, the TDP will mail applications to seniors who are believed to be Democratic voters in all participating counties. The applications will be pre-populated with all the information needed to qualify for a vote-by-mail ballot. The senior voter will only need to sign and mail the application. Additionally, all those receiving applications will be identified in the VAN database for the candidates to reach out to, further ensuring voter turnout.

To participate in this program, the Collin County Democratic Party needs to raise $8,017 by December 1st.  The County Executive Committee has already agreed to fund the Basic Plan (see below), but we want to go for the gold - the Cadillac Plan! To do that, we need your help. 

Make a donation and help TURN COLLIN BLUE, one voter at a time!

The Basic Plan: Mailers sent to seniors who are Democrats and have voted by mail in the past (as well as any other senior in that household). 
~ 5,000 voters

Cadillac Plan:
Mailers sent to all seniors in Basic Plan PLUS any other senior who has a high likelihood of voting Democratic. This plan will capture Democrats who have never voted in a Democratic primary in Texas but based on demographic data are likely to lean Democratic. 
~17,000 voters

Contributions made to the Collin County Democratic Party through this fundraiser will then be sent to Texas Democratic Party to facilitate all mailings.

Thanks for your support!

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