Donate to Charen for House in Franklin-5 (Berkshire-Franklin-Highgate-Richford)

I am running for State Representative in Vermont's Franklin-5 District: Berkshire - Franklin - Highgate - Richford.

I want to improve opportunity, affordability, support, and quality of life for all of us, while preserving this beautiful corner of Vermont. Many of my neighbors are on fixed incomes or work very hard to scrape by. Health insurance and healthcare costs have devastated budgets; college or trade school tuition is out of reach for many young adults; jobs and farms have disappeared or don't pay the bills; the opiod crisis and other indicators of despair are visible in our towns. We need somebody in Montpelier who will listen to the people of Franklin-5 and represent their best interests.

Campaigning costs money and time. Please support my efforts to win a seat so I can work against the 1%'s corrupting influence in politics and serve the needs of my neighbors.

To learn more about me and why I'm running, please visit

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