Brianna Titone

The importance or representation

Brianna knows what working hard is all about. She has 2 bachelors degrees and 2 masters degrees. She's been a student pilot. She was a highly competitive candidate for FBI Special Agent (which would have been her dream job). She's worked as a consultant in difficult conditions in far off countries as a geologist. And most recently, she flipped a Republican district (R+14) that hadn't seen a Dem since it was drawn. She won in a district with 74% voter turnout. She won when few supported her because they didn't believe she could. She only won her race by 439 votes out of 49,475.

Her race was a long shot that few got behind, but that didn't deter Brianna from putting in the hard work with her team to win! Now, as one of 4 elected transgender people serving across America, her position is critical to the representation transgender people across America need. The Trump Administration has held the trans community under siege since 2017 and we cannot afford any setbacks. Please support Brianna's re-election for State Representative in 2020 by making a contribution up to the max of $400 today!

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