I want to change the Arkansas legislature!

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"I want to solve the REAL issues that are challenging people in our district and state, not the distractions that keep us fighting among ourselves."

Friends -

We have real problems that need real solutions. Join my team to help us achieve our goal.

Arkansas lags behind the rest of the nation in health care, education, and economic opportunity.

I believe we can do more to support our public education system, by providing teachers better pay and the resources they need in the classroom. Many legislators feel the solution is to support charter schools and other initiatives that are draining our public schools of the funds they desperately need.

I want to see greater access to affordable, quality healthcare. We can do more to improve greater access to healthcare, as opposed to the recent efforts to make cuts to our existing programs, which will result in thousands of Arkansans losing their health benefits.

I want to focus on improving pay for Arkansas workers and reducing burdens on working families so that everyone in the state has a real opportunity to succeed and not just the wealthiest among us.

These are the real issues we need to solve.

If you agree with me, then join my campaign to address the real issues that need to be addressed and support my efforts to become the next State Representative for District 38.

Chase Mangiapane

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