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The Climate Crisis is a massive opportunity for American collaboration and innovation. We all benefit in a country that proactively cares for people and repairs our environment.

I’ve led a mission-driven career working on aspects of The Green New Deal on the individual, community, and international level:

  • Leading corporate sustainability initiatives with the United Nations Global Compact
  • Advocating for social justice with Teach For America
  • Coaching impact-driven entrepreneurs to create sustainable businesses
  • Consulting schools on mindfulness and social and emotional learning

Help me bring this entrepreneurial thinking and mindful leadership to where it is needed most: Congress!

2020 = Forti

Our people-powered campaign is coaching 1,000 activists to empower 40 disengaged voters. Our core paid team is powered completely by your grassroots generosity.

Invest $40+ today in Health & Sustainability policy.

Then, ask yourself..

Who do I know who would resonate with this message?

Forward this link to 3 friends to help us multiply to 4,000 community investors.

In health & sustainability,

Christine & the Conscious Congress Team

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