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The College Democrats of Wisconsin is the official youth arm of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Every year, our 20 College Democrats chapters actively campaign for our candidates on college campuses in every corner of the state and we are primarily responsible for turning out the student vote for Democrats in 2012. It is vital that we turn out as many college students as possible to re-elect President Barack Obama, send Tammy Baldwin to the United States Senate, and elect Democrats up and down the ballot, and our work is a crucial part of that.

To ensure that our College Democrats are ready and able to elect these progressive leaders, we need your help. We are hoping to be able to bring 15 Wisconsin students to the annual College Democrats of America convention at the end of this month, but we cannot do that without your help. Most of our resources were depleted when we ran an aggressive Get-Out-The-Vote campaign for the June 5th recall election. Your contribution will allow leaders from numerous chapters to learn new organizing skills, gain important networking contacts, and allow us to adequately represent Wisconsin on a national stage.

Thank you for your generous support of our efforts on campus, and we look forward to fighting with you to elect progressive Democrats this fall.

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