Dina Levi for School Committee (Ward 5, Northampton, MA)

Thanks so much for donating to my campaign! I am running in a competitive race for Ward 5 School Committee, where I am hoping to do the following:

  • Focus on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in schools, ensuring all students have access to a successful education
  • Bring transparency and communication to the community 
  • Ensure policies work for working families
  • Support teachers with policies and pay that allow us to retain and attract the best teachers

We need to work with the mayor and state representatives towards short and long term solutions that meet the current needs of our schools and teachers while gradually ensuring salaries are above state average, rather than 19th from the bottom, where they currently are

I bring strengths as an:

  • Experienced educator
  • Engaged Listener
  • Effective Advocate

and offer:

  • A perspective as both an educator and a parent
  • 15 years of direct experience working in schools as a teacher, counselor, administrator
  • An MA in Education with a focus on school policy reform
  • Over a decade of experience working with school leaders to create change
  • A commitment to excellent education
  • Volunteer experience with the under-served
  • Worked in various schools to advocate for change for students, families and teachers
  • I have held multiple positions where I have needed to get to know a community, listening to their needs and thinking about programming that meets those needs, and have worked to empower everyone in the community to collaborate towards success
  • I have worked directly with and for parents, teachers and students, helping them develop the tools they need to advocate for themselves, and serving as a voice when it has been useful

Your contribution will help make my campaign possible. I am incredibly grateful for your support!!

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