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The USA was a democracy full of opportunities and freedoms and hope for the future. Every day people worked hard believing that the next day would be better. Then one day-- starting in 2009-- Republicans changed local and national laws so that they could stay in power even though a shrinking minority of Americans supported them. They changed election maps so that their candidates would win more seats (extreme gerrymandering), they purged voter rolls and made it difficult for some people to register or vote, they invited corporations and billionaires to dump huge sums of money into the elections. Because of that, they began winning elections and taking or staying in power when they should not have been winning. Because of that, bad things started happening like Trump’s election, nazis marching in the street, immigrants being discriminated against and global warming going unchecked. Until finally, the grassroots of the country resisted and with the members of Commons Sense Democracy helped voters understand that majority-rules democracy was at risk. In 2018 the voters rejected the Republicans attacks against democracy, brought in a Democratic controlled Congress, impeached President Trump and began to change the laws to restore free and fair elections again.

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