You can help Congress Majority keep the House and turn the Senate blue in 2020.

Congress Majority is an innovative SuperPAC whose mission is to bring about and maintain a Democratic majority in Congress. Our messages in social and broadcast media are not candidate-centric, but champion all Democrats; most end with the tag, Vote Democrat -- and vote. We promote Democrats as a group, and attack an array of Republican policies.

Some of our new ads planned for 2020 will cause many Republicans to question at a fundamental, very personal level why they vote Republican. We believe our new ads, being scripted and not yet filmed, will have great potential to win former Democrats in red states back to the fold. We will test the new ads in focus groups before rolling them out.

Your gift will help us build our PAC with additional key staff. We need to add a top Democratic strategist and seasoned fundraiser to our team. Following the mid term, the best are again available.

In sum, your gift today will help us raise millions for the election of 2020. Together, we will keep the House blue and win the Senate in 2020. Our Vote Democrat theme will also help our Presidential candidate.

Make a generous contribution now, or mail your check to the address below. Thank you for sharing our vision and your generous support.

Congress Majority PAC

8117 W Manchester Ave Suite 500

Playa del Rey CA 90293

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