I'm a Global Teacher that Reaches Global Goals


I, Constance Lav Johnson, Candidate for NC State Superintendent of Public Instruction, do this every week, every year for the past 10 years. I educate. I achieve my goals.

1. I grew the numbers of Black candidates in two NC cities that were falling in number through making history, running in races never attempted by Blacks in my county and creating CityPolitical Magazine. 

2. I impacted greater faith in Black women in elected office through presenting Black women candidates and in elected office often through CityPolitical.

3. I promoted the importance of protecting NC's farmers by creating a foods and grants conference that led our major farmers to corporate dollars working with the Secretary of State, SBA, and the USDA.

4. I trained state leaders to write bypartisan bills and plan to teach a session for the general public. My bills are bipartisan strongly supported by both parties. Devos is utilizing one she stole that I submitted to Governor Cooper right now, the Philanthropy Dept. Bill.

5. I take bold steps to end the fears we have between us as cultures of people by running for Mayor of Charlotte without investing one dime to show the public that the media follows money not talent or ethics.

6. I am your global teacher that was trained by some of the greatest trainers you know. I have lived in all black, all white, all native american, all asian, all muslim, all jewish, all rich, all poor, communities. I grew up in an interracial family. Black, Italian, and German. I still live in an interracial home. My partner Jack was raised Italian and Jewish.

I'm your superintendent that will bring your greatest advancements because I live to bring knowledge to all people. It's my whole education and work.

I am a teacher that loved education so much that no one in my family gave me a dime towards my college and graduate tuitions.


Traveling weekly, and ...


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