Costa 2021

Transform Queens

Dear Friends,

I’m running for Borough President because Queens deserves a vision for a greener future in the face of climate change’s ever-changing effects. We can build a borough that’s affordable, sustainable, and resilient against rising tides and rising rents. Without meaningful action, the borough we all love will be an entirely different place in all the wrong ways. Will you join our movement for a stronger, fairer Queens?

Suggested Donation Levels: $750 · $500 · $175 · $100 · $50 · $22

Together, we passed the Climate Mobilization Act, the largest carbon emissions reduction mandated by any city, anywhere, despite pushback from deep-pocketed special interests. This is a Green New Deal for New York City that’s expected to yield tens of thousands of green new jobs over the next decade — and there’s no reason those shouldn’t be filled by the people of Queens. 

As your next Borough President, I want to expand the great work we’ve done in western Queens. My plan includes funding a hydroponic science lab in every school, finding cleaner ways to power our buildings, and closing transportable classroom units. We will oppose any housing development on public land that’s not 100% affordable. And our movement will create good, green jobs by rebuilding our infrastructure. 

Queens has given me everything and I’m prepared to give everything for Queens. As a student at Queens College, I was able to receive a world class education while working sixty hours a week as a toy store manager on Steinway Street to put myself through school. As the Chair of the City Council’s Environmental Protection Committee I was able to help pass legislation to protect our water, improve our air quality for our families, and fight for a better quality of life.

I need your help to continue this journey. 

In service,


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