Collin Walke for House District 87

Collin Walke has deep roots in Oklahoma City. He grew up in the area and moved back after attending college at OSU. After graduating from the Oklahoma City University College of Law, Collin set up a successful small business and law practice. He regularly volunteers in the community, serving organizations such as the City Rescue Mission. Collin and his wife, Lori, attend a local church where she serves as an associate pastor.

Collin is running for state representative because he believes it is time for a new generation of leaders to fight for Oklahoma’s future.
He knows that partisan politics has dominated the State Legislature for too long and he wants to work to bring people together to solve our problems. Collin believes that everyone deserves access to a quality public education and he will fight for more funding for Oklahoma’s public schools. He knows that a strong and vibrant economy is vital and that everyone has the right to a good paying job. Every Oklahoman needs safe neighborhoods and streets and Collin will always work to provide that.

We need Collin
at the State Capitol to fight for us. He will stand up to the politicians and special interests who conduct business as usual. Collin Walke is running for State Representative to move Oklahoma forward.

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