Dakota Nelson


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As a candidate and leader of our team, I am proud of the decision to forge our campaign issues first into this upcoming primary season! The name of the game right now, is awareness. By contributing to our campaign, you help my team and I spread awareness about our powerfully progressive campaign, and the issues we will take on!

Here are just a few of the matters at hand:

-We will proudly stand by our belief the health care is something every person should have the right to, no matter their financial status. 

-Creating jobs with livable wages by investing in WV infrastructure, (Lets start a war on potholes!)and renewable energy programs like our local organization Solar Holler is doing! 

-We need to continue work to modernize the education kids in our state receive. We have plenty of room to help our youth be more prepared to take on the responsibilities of adulthood in the workforce, while enriching them with basics like gardening and nutritional awareness! To do this, we must fully fund public education!

-Redefining the range of approaches we take towards issues related to addiction and healing our brothers and sisters who suffer from this disease. We need these people healthy and back in our communities, in their families and on their way to a brighter future. Lets find leaders like Gro Huntington, and get to work on making WV healthy again!

-We need to fight corporate welfare growth in our state. Per resident, we pay among the most in the country towards the livelihood of some of the same corporations who litter our state with poverty wage jobs...this only creates more government dependence. 

Contribute today to help us keep Appalachia informed, and our solutions simple! Better paying jobs, good health care, solid education, clean water, access to good food and roads that can get us from A-to-B without destroying our car in the process! 

Please visit our website to find out more: https://www.dakotainthehouse.com/

Thank you for supporting a more progressive and healthier future,

Dakota Nelson

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