Dan Aymar-Blair for Beacon City Council, Ward 4

My involvement in Beacon’s development conversation these last couple of years taught me a lot about how our city works. Going to city council meetings, knocking on doors, I’ve also learned that my neighbors are pretty consistent in what they want from our awesome little city.

We are okay with development as long as it works in the public's interest. We want Beacon’s success to work for everyone – not getting priced out or watching as beloved small businesses shutter. We want a more transparent government. We want to work where we live. We want a diversified local economy that's resilient to boom and bust cycles. And, yes, we want the city to do its part in the climate crisis.

Beacon CAN do all this. We just need a vision to work toward. I think I have something to offer to the conversation - a career of public service, an activist heart, a data-driven approach - and I would like to be Ward 4’s contributor.

Thank you for your support.

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