DC Blue Wave VA 2019

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Let's finish what we started in 2017 but finally flipping the Virginia State House and Senate. Last time we supported 7 candidates, six of them won and the last lost by just 100 votes. The House majority was decided by an actual coin toss. We cannot let that happen again. We need all hands on deck. The VA GOP knows that we're coming for them this time and they have built up an enormous war chest to maintain their majority, take back the seats they have lost and fight these candidates who are coming for those flippable seats. We're going big this time. We're supporting 13 candidates all over the state: Larry Barnett (VA-HD-27), John Bell (VA-SD-13), Lindsey Dougherty (VA-HD-62), Debra Rodman (VA-SD-12), Ghazala Hashmi (VA-SD-10), Joshua Cole (VA-HD-28), Cheryl Turpin (VA-SD-7), Phil Hernadez (VA-HD-100), Shelly Simonds (VA-HD-94), Sheila Bynum-Coleman (VA-HD-66), Karen Mallard (VA-HD-84), Nancy Guy (VA-HD-83), Dan Helmer (VA-HD-40). Please donate as much as you can as it is going to be split evenly among the candidates. Please help us spread the word by sharing this link with friends, family, activists, and anyone else you think might want to contribute. These candidates need help now so we prepare for the fall and concentrate on door knocking in September and October. Let's FLIP VIRGINIA BLUE!

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