Michael O'Shea

Democracy for a Dollar

We must get big money out of politics and my campaign is not accepting corporate PAC money. In this spirit, our fundraising campaign is called "Democracy for a Dollar."

To me, the number of individual donors we have is the single most important fundraising metric for this campaign. For just a $1 donation, you can become part of that number and show your support for our grassroots movement.

Your worth in our democracy is not determined by your income status and I believe that one person=one vote. You might not be able to get a cup of coffee for a buck anymore, but you can still buy into the democratic process and make your voice heard.

Politics have been compromised by big money and corporate special interests for too long. It's time to send a message together: the people demand representation that can't be bought.

Our first donor goal is 2,020 donors by the year 2020. We have exactly 2 months to hit it, but I have faith we can reach that and more. The more individual donors we have, the more of a message we can send.

My opponent Mark Meadows seems to delight in taking handouts from corporations from all over the state. He is a national media figure and one of the most prominent supporters of Trump in Congress. Even if you don't live in the NC-11 district, you can still send a message to Meadows by donating to become part of our movement. Let's let him know that he doesn't speak for all of the people of WNC or the country as a whole.

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