Jefferson County Democratic Party (KY)

Democrats Deliver Democracy: $20 for 2020

It is imperative for Democrats to have a commanding voice when the 2021 State Legislature applies the 2020 census data to redistricting, with the Republican’s intention of gerrymandering to lock in Republican political power and governance of Kentucky for the next ten years and possibly beyond. The Louisville Democratic Party will need strong grassroots support to assure a strong negotiating voice at that redistricting table.

The success of the Democrats’ political future is in your hands.  Will you please support our Campaign 20/20 with a pledge of $20 a month for the next 20 months to assure Democrats can destroy the current Republican fortress in Frankfort?  With your commitment, we can recruit, train and support Jefferson County Democratic candidates for every office on the ballot by providing their campaigns with the resources they need to take their message to every voter in Jefferson County.  We need to flip three Jefferson County legislative seats and have set a goal of a 70 percent voter turnout on November 3, 2020. Be it for local, state, or a federal candidate, every vote is critical. Every eligible voter deserves access to the ballot box.  We plan to recruit and train the necessary volunteers to assure that access. But we need the financial means to destroy the Republican wall. We need you.

The 2020 elections will be a critical time for this country, both locally and nationally. Your grassroots support will assure Democrats Deliver Democracy.  

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