Diana Becton

Diana Becton for District Attorney 2018

I am honored the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors appointed me as the County’s new District Attorney in September 2017.


This event sparked an historic shift for our County – elevating a woman of color to this position for the first time in 168 years. Yet, I am not riding on this paradigm shift, but rather upon my experience, skills, and passions to see that in the wake of the scandal created by my predecessor, I successfully reform our District Attorney’s Office, clean it up, and make it more efficient and more effective. 

I believe my list of endorsers – from our Congressmen to local labor, business, and community leaders, and many others – is a strong affirmation of the work I have been doing and the work I plan to continue doing once elected to this position, and I am asking you to join them today.

With just one month until the June 5th election, I know that to win the election outright, I must successfully deliver my message to the voters of Contra Costa County – my message for reform and transparency. To do this, I am running a full court press with mailings, field campaign, and telecommunications to the voters. With this in mind, I am asking you to make a contribution today of whatever you can afford up to the $1,675 maximum allowed for individual donors

Your contribution will give me the fuel my campaign needs to be successful and to allow us to share in an historic victory for our office and Contra Costa County! 

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